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Maintenance girl Charley a bit lost but gets help

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  • Charley Chase
  • 139 since 01/11/2021

Rare to see such a hot maintenance girl like Charley. But she is up to the job for sure... Driving a pickup truck it probably makes her even more hotter, but her real hotness revealed when she leaves that truck. Nerdy vibes all around...

Todays task is to install a new printer at this guys office. But they never get to that, as the guy starts flirting with her heavily. And he scores.

Some good words always goes far ways with nice girl - and you can see that in action. In less than 5 minutes, this guy talked Charley out of her nerdy, yet sexy outfit just by complementing her boobs. It is probably something you don't get everyday I guess. She was so shocked, she removed those clothes easily. 

And the guy was right! Those boobs are just perfect. Round, not too big, but big enough. Nipples? 10/10. She also has some lickable, soft skin, and her hair also looks perfect. No wonder why that guy starts working those boobs hard immediately. 

Licks and kisses all over, these people are really horny for eachother. His cock as ee can see already erected rock hard, but who can say no to a nice old fashioned blowjob in the office, right? Stroking that dick up and down, we can peak a bit her ass, and can't wait to see those trousers coming off. 

When it does, we can notice her sweet and cute chilly pepper tat on her right cheek. Perfectly shaped, tight looking ass is that. The pussy also something to notice, but our guy mostly concentrates on her asshole for licks. I see his point... Hard to resist, especially when there is a lickable juicy pussy around as well. She loves his fingerings and licks, and both getting ready for some penetration. 

They start with heavy and depp doggy style pounding on the office desk, where the printer should have gone. It now makes sense, why he wanted to put that printer to another place... Her hairy bush got wet and a bit juicy quickly from all that heavy pounding. When he goes down for some more licks, he stops a bit to play with her piercing near her clit. But goes back fast to fuck that pussy - and we just can't get enough seeing those big boobs bouncing as he fucks her from behind. 

She sounds like she loves what happening to her, as she moans loudly. After giving some more oral care to that cock (spiced up with some deepthroats),  they go back to missionary position. This way we might notice, that she is probably a bit curvy, but we like a girl, where you have something to hang on to, right? Also a great view to cherish those tits! During her moans, her piercing in her tongue comes out a bit - now also makes sense, why this guy got hard so quickly from that blowjob he received from her! ;)

When she gets on top, he licks his butt again full faced. Looks really yummy! After that, she does some reverse cowgirl, and let that dick slide in deep into her pussy. After demonstratiing again her good deepthroat skills, she sits on him facing eachother. I don't understand personally how he managed to keep in game for that long, bceause when such a hot and great looking nerd fucks you like this, with passion and joy, you tend to explode quickly... 

He could not resist either for too long, and quickly have her crouch in front of her, so he can explode on her yummy titties. Messy jizz cumshot on big boobs? Yes please! That couple definetely made that workday hm... more enjoyable to everyone involved!

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